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Frequently asked questions

If you’re wondering how deodorants work or how Japanese spa minerals can help in your natural beauty regime, you’ll find the answers below. You can also contact us directly here.

What is the difference between an anti-perspirant and a deodorant?

Anti-perspirants work by blocking the sweat glands to keep you dry. Most anti-perspirants contain ingredients called aluminium salts, and these salts block glands to prevent sweating.

Deodorants work differently, they allow you to sweat, but prevent odours by including antiseptic agents to kill the bacteria that cause bad smells.

If Bionsen doesn’t use aluminium, which ingredient has been used instead?

We haven’t substituted aluminium with anything. We respect the body’s right to cool down and detoxify naturally, which means avoiding any chemicals that interfere with this process by blocking the pores.

What are the Japanese spa minerals in Bionsen?

Bionsen deodorant includes elements of zinc, copper and manganese. For centuries the Japanese have recognised the health-giving properties of these natural minerals, and even today they continue the ancient tradition of bathing in these spas.

Will Bionsen deodorant keep me dry?

Bionsen deodorant is designed to prevent odour-forming bacteria from growing under the arms. As such, they do not contain any ingredients to actively stop sweating, only to prevent odour.

Can Bionsen deodorant be used on sensitive skin?

Bionsen deodorant has been tested by the Clinic of Dermatology at the University of Sienna to ensure that the range can be used even by those with the most sensitive skin.

As Bionsen is a natural mineral deodorant it will not block your sweat glands. By allowing you to perspire naturally, your body dispels any toxins that could lead to skin irritation. And because it doesn’t contain either aluminium or parabens, it is highly recommended for people who find that their normal anti-perspirant or deodorant causes skin irritation.

Is Bionsen deodorant tested on animals?

Bionsen products have not been tested on animals and are in full accordance with the rules laid down in European Directive 2003/15/EC.

Is there a link between deodorants and breast cancer?

The aluminium and parabens in anti-perspirants and deodorants have been linked with breast cancer because it is believed that they can pass through the skin into the breast tissue, through absorption and nicks/irritation caused by shaving. Although there has been no proven, definite link between these chemicals and breast cancer, many women have decided to protect themselves by switching to an aluminium and paraben free deodorant. Bionsen is aluminium and paraben free, making it perfect for those worried about the links with breast cancer.

Where can i buy Bionsen?

Bionsen is available to buy from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. Alternatively, Bionsen is available online.

To find out more about the possible links with breast cancer and the ongoing debate surrounding aluminium and parabens, visit our body health debate site.